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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Democrat Utopia of Illinois Sucking the Life Out of Small Business

Guest post by Scott Reeder

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Susan Clause is no quitter.

For 16 years, she and her husband, Stephen Briggs, have owned and operated a teacher supply store, Ergadoo, in Springfield.

They love their business, and it’s making money, but they are shutting it down this week.

Why? They say the state of Illinois has made it too difficult to operate.

It’s a painful decision for the couple who founded the store 16 years ago.

After all, they aren’t quitters by nature. They fought to keep the doors open when Clause was fighting leukemia and Briggs was battling prostate cancer – at the same time.

And there have been tough days when they have found themselves unloading truckloads of merchandise by themselves or wading through reams of paperwork.

But now they are facing an obstacle they just don’t want to deal with: the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Here how Clause explained it:

“Five years ago, we received a sales tax audit from the state, and they said we were doing things just fine. And then we were audited again this year. And we were told we were doing things wrong. We can’t operate if we don’t know what the rules are.”

For 10 days last month, a state auditor camped out at their store – sitting at one of those tiny little children’s tables – reviewing three months of receipts.

And that’s where the problem began.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WHOA: Dick Durbin Calls Barack Obama a Liar

Rumor on the Hill has it that Senator "Little" Dick Durbin (D-IL) is the single most despised member of the U.S. Senate of either party. He is said to have lied repeatedly to other Senators during a variety of critical negotiations. Now he is embroiled in a tête-à-tête with the White House. It began when he alleged that an unnamed Republican insulted President Obama to his face.


A top Senate Democrat said that a leading House Republican told President Obama that they could not ‘even stand to look at you’ during negotiations over the government shutdown...


...Spokesmen for both Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor say neither official said or remembers anyone else saying they couldn’t stand to look at President Obama at a White House summit during the government shutdown, as Democratic senator Dick Durbin of Illinois alleged...

Annnnd here’s the confirmation of the denial from… the White House:

JACKIE CALMES, NEW YORK TIMES: Just to follow up on that. In terms of the president talking to Republicans, can you rule out — there was the number two Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, said on his Facebook page that someone in recent exchange with the president said he can’t even stand, this member of Congress, that he can’t even stand to look at the president. Can you say whether that happened?

JAY CARNEY: I will say this, I spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen.

*Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch*

Hey, pass the popcorn, Nahanni!

Hat tip: BadBlue News (seriously, there's no better place for breaking news).

Monday, September 23, 2013

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Statist Control Freaks in Senate Want to Define Who Is a Journalist

Does it count as violating Godwin's Law if they really are fascists?

Your First Amendment rights are UNDER ATTACK!

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham have attached an amendment to Senate Bill 987, which would give the Department of Justice power to determine who qualifies for protection as a journalist under the First Amendment.

Here at the Franklin Center, we believe in the power of a free press. We already have a law to protect the press from government meddling in our newsgathering efforts and excluding Americans from the reporting process. It’s called the First Amendment.

TAKE ACTION: Join us in protecting our First Amendment rights by using #IAm1A and reminding Congress journalism is an act, not a profession.

Go to Watchdog Wire and take action now--before it's too late.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CALL THE GANG OF EIGHT'S AMNESTY BILL WHAT IT REALLY IS: Comprehensive Democrat Importation Reform

On the left side of the aisle stands Barack Obama, the racial separatist group called La Raza ("The Race"), Chuck Schumer, the government of Mexico, the SEIU, Bob Menendez, the AFL-CIO, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Standing side-by-side with the Left are the "Republican" elements of the permanent Beltway ruling class: Karl Rove, The Wall Street Journal, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham. These are the monied elites who are using threats, promises, payoffs, twisted arms, and every other tool at their disposal to bring the likes of Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul to their side.

For the "Republican" establishment, it's about remaining in power. It's not about the country. It's not about stopping the importation of a permanent underclass of welfare recipients certain to vote Democrat. It's not about preserving American exceptionalism. It's not about rescuing the private sector from the damage decades of Democrat policies like "Great Society" and Obamacare have wrought.

It's not about the American people. You and I, my friends, are second-class citizens. Our voices are not nearly as important as those who have entered the country illegally.

The Heritage Foundation says the Senate's massive bill would "grant amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants" while "recycling the flawed and failed ideas of the past".

Mickey Kaus warned earlier this week that 2016 hangs in the balance for the Republican Party on this bill: "If the conservative public were paying attention, the flaws and crude deceptions of the Schumer-Rubio bill would be common knowledge. They are so obvious, especially in the border enforcement area, that even Sen. Rubio pretends to be dissatisfied with his own bill."

The Senate Majority Leader has been very blunt: "Harry Reid indicated on Wednesday that he will not allow the Gang of Eight immigration bill to require stricter border security measures."

Ann Coulter: "It must be fun for liberals to manipulate Republicans into focusing on hopeless causes. Why don't Democrats waste their time trying to win the votes of gun owners? ... But rich businessmen don't care. Big Republican donors -- and their campaign consultants -- just want to make money. They don't care about Hispanics, and they certainly don't care what happens to the country. If the country is hurt, I don't care, as long as I am doing better! This is the very definition of treason."

Congress is about to fundamentally transform the very makeup of the American electorate into a permanent Democrat underclass addicted to government benefits.

You and I aren't going down without a fight. I urge you to call your Senator and two other Senators now (clicking will open a new window).

Tell them this bill is an IQ test for Republicans. Tell them in no uncertain terms that this bill must be stopped -- and anyone who supports it will be damaged goods from this point forward. No money. No support. And primaried, guaranteed. Call now. There is no time to waste. And thank you for your help.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MEMO TO HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Start drafting Articles of Impeachment in case of lawless debt ceiling hike

The primary tenet at the heart of the United States Constitution is a concept known as Separation of Powers. It allocates the various responsibilities of government between branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The Framers of the Constitution, James Madison primary among them, studied the writings of many great legal philosophers in dividing responsibilities such that each branch of government could check the corrupting ambitions of the others.

According to Madison, no philosopher was more critical to the design of Constitutional separations than the French nobleman and legal expert Charles-Louis de Secondat, the Baron de Montesquieu.

Montesquieu had studied the rise and fall of the Roman Republic. He believed that a properly designed government, in order to prevent tyranny, would require three branches of government. He wrote, "If it is to provide its citizens with the greatest possible liberty, a government must have certain features. First, since 'constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it … it is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power' . This is achieved through the separation of the executive, legislative, and judicial powers of government... [to prevent any one] from acting tyrannically."


The Constitution bestows upon Congress "the Power of the Purse". Indiana University's Center on Congress describes congressional power as:

...its ability to set the spending and taxing policies of the nation. Not one dime can be spent from the federal Treasury without the approval of Congress. The determination of the budget by Congress is usually the most important political process of any year, partly because of its size (approaching $2 trillion) and partly because it is the principal means by which government establishes its priorities.

No serious constitutional scholar would ever claim that Congress did not possess complete control over the country's taxing and spending policies.

Of course, this paragraph was written before the Harry Reid- and Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats took control of Congress and have steadfastly refused to pass budgets since the election of Barack Obama.


The unofficial public relations agency for the Democrat Party is a website called Politico. A few days ago, it printed a letter from Democrat Congressional leaders that called for the president to unilaterally and unlawfully raise the debt ceiling, thereby precipitating a full-blown constitutional crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other top Democrats are putting new pressure on the White House to circumvent Congress to boost the nation’s debt ceiling if no bipartisan agreement can be reached.

In a strongly worded letter to President Barack Obama obtained by POLITICO, Reid and his leadership team argue that failing to raise the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling would threaten the full faith and credit of the United States. Reid and Sens. Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and Patty Murray asserted that Obama “must make clear that you will never allow our nation’s economy and reputation to be held hostage.”

Of course, as anyone with an iota of common sense knows, the full faith and credit of the United States is not at risk should the debt ceiling remain at its current level.


Writing at Friday's Wall Street Journal, David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey explain "The Myth of Government Default".

Contrary to White House claims, Congress's refusal to permit new borrowing by raising the debt ceiling limit will not trigger a default on America's outstanding public debt, with calamitous consequences for our credit rating and the world's financial system...

[...Section 4 of the 14th Amendment] means that a failure to raise the debt ceiling—to prevent new borrowing—does not and cannot put America's current creditors at risk. So long as this government exists, and barring a further constitutional amendment, those creditors must be paid.

Nor are they at risk in practice, since the federal government's roughly $200 billion in tax revenue per month is more than sufficient to service existing debts. If the executive chose to act irresponsibly and unconstitutionally and failed to make any debt payments when they come due, debt-holders would be able to go to the Court of Federal Claims and promptly obtain a money judgment.

These basic facts should inform any credible decisions by credit-rating agencies in establishing the government's creditworthiness. Significantly, these agencies have traditionally acted favorably when heavily indebted countries have not defaulted on their debt but cut deeply their public spending.

In short, the Constitution does not authorize the president to borrow or spend a single dime without congressional approval and it requires the executive to service its debt first. And each month many times the amount needed for that purpose arrives in the federal government's coffers.


On many occasions over the past four years, the President Obama has demonstrated a callous disregard for the Constitution.

The publication of a Democrat press release by Politico indicates that a full court public relations campaign is underway to market the idea that the president's unilateral action to raise the debt ceiling would be lawful.

It is not.

In fact, such an act would -- in one instant -- strip Congress of its primary power while simultaneously gutting a huge swath of the Constitution. It would eradicate the separation of powers and precipitate the most significant constitutional crisis in American history.

In 2006, the very same Democrat leaders who now advocate unlawful borrowing and spending by the President all voted against raising the debt ceiling just seven years ago.

On March 16, 2006, the Senate held a vote on a measure to raise the debt ceiling by $781 billion — the fourth such vote of George W. Bush’s presidency. Republicans controlled the Senate, and Democrats spent much of the debate railing against Bush’s spending. “When it comes to deficits, this president owns all the records,” said Reid. “The three largest deficits in our nation’s history have all occurred under this administration’s watch.”

Declaring themselves outraged by such spending, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Murray all voted against raising the debt limit. So did every other Democrat — including Sen. Barack Obama.

One can only imagine what would have happened had George W. Bush attempted to raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval.

Should Barack Obama attempt such an unlawful act, the House of Representatives must act. It must protect its power of the purse, it must protect the Constitution, and it must put an end to this president's long train of abuses and usurpations.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Democrats' Platform Face-Plant: They Meant to Do That

Dan from New York:

It was like pulling teeth, but G-d and Jerusalem are back in the Democratic platform. They put it to a voice vote that some said the nays actually won.

[Ed.: Actually, Buzzfeed described it as "chaos"]., September 05, 2012

Democrats restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform

The Democratic Party has restored references in its official platform to "God" and to Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel.

The move comes after some had complained that the platform approved Tuesday omitted those references, which were included in the 2008 platform.

Many in the audience booed after the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, ruled that the amendments had been approved despite the fact that a large group of delegates objected.

He called for a vote three times before ruling.

The Democrat Convention appears to be melting down right before our eyes. Yesterday, it was DNC Chairman-woman-person Dee Wasserman Snider getting caught in yet another blatant lie.

Then Little Dick Durbin threw a temper tantrum when asked in simple English why God and Jerusalem had been ripped from prior platforms.

I'm predicting, here and now, that Bill Clinton will be accompanied onstage by an empty chair representing the Gingrich-Kasich budget surplus for which Democrats always try to take credit.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A.P. Coins New Slogan for Illinois

I can't wait for the new license plates:

Drowning in deficits, Illinois has turned to a deliberate policy of not paying billions of dollars in bills for months at a time, creating a cycle of hardship and sacrifice for residents and businesses helping the state carry out some of the most important government tasks.

Once intended as a stop-gap, the months-long delay in paying bills has now become a regular part of the state’s budget management, forcing businesses and charity groups to borrow money, cut jobs and services and take on personal debt. Getting paid can be such a confusing process that it requires begging the state for money and sometimes has more to do with knowing the right people than being next in line.

Isn't Democrat governance fun?

As of early last month, the state owed on 166,000 unpaid bills worth a breathtaking $5 billion, with nearly half of that amount more than a month overdue and hundreds of bills dating back to 2010... The true backlog is even higher because some bills have not yet been approved for payment and officially added to the tally. This includes the Illinois health care agency, which says it is sitting on about $1.9 billion in bills from Medicaid providers because there’s no money to pay it.

But at least Democrats are looking out for the little guy, right?

...Year after year, Illinois builds its budget on the assumption that it will pay its bills months late — essentially borrowing money from businesses and nonprofits that have little choice but to suffer the financial hardship.

The unpaid bills range from a few pennies to nearly $25 million. In early September, for example, Illinois owed $55,000 to a small-town farm supply business for gasoline, $1,000 to a charity that provides used clothing to the poor and $810,000 to a child-nutrition program... Funeral homes were waiting for $2.8 million in overdue reimbursement for burying indigent people.

Leigh Ann Stephens wrote a letter in August “asking, pleading” for $50,000 the state owed to the DuPage Center for Independent Living, where she is executive director... Like their clients, most of the employees are disabled, coping with blindness, loss of hearing, cerebral palsy and more.

...It also reflects resignation from some vendors who no longer expect the corruption-plagued Illinois government to function properly... Illinois leaders join in bemoaning the crisis but haven’t been able to find a solution.

Gee, it's so difficult. All of that Democrat brainpower in Springfield and they can't come up with the following list that would balance the budget in 30 days:

• Slash the state government's administrative costs by 50%

• Ban collective bargaining by state and local employees

• Reform all existing pension programs to comply with accepted accounting and audit principles

• Prosecute every corrupt politician in the state and work to see them sentenced to the maximum possible penalties

...Blagojevich’s replacement, Democrat Pat Quinn, raised income taxes and trimmed spending, but that money was gobbled up by other needs, primarily rising pension costs. Under budget agreements with legislative leaders, all Democrats, bills continued to go unpaid.

As recently as June 2008, Illinois paid its bills seven days after state agencies finished the paperwork. A year later the delay had reached 99 days. It stood at 118 days in June of this year, the comptroller’s office said.

Hold up... I've got an idea: maybe Illinois could borrow more money to cover these unpaid bills?

Oh. You say Democrats are already trying to do that?

Never mind. People of Illinois: please continue to elect corrupt Democrats, the same toadies of the unions, the Marxist left and the illegal immigration lobby. We'll gladly accept the successful people and businesses that have given up on Illinois and its Statist agenda.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Awesome: Obama proposal would allow debt collectors to robo-call cellphones

It seems that Americans just can't get enough of the Obama Democrats' policies.

Seriously, consumers are reveling in new regulations that force banks to dramatically hike fees and ban credit cards for stay-at-home parents.

No, Americans want more regulations. So President Obama is happily obliging by suggesting that debt collectors be allowed to robo-call consumers' cellphones:

To the dismay of consumer groups and the discomfort of Democrats, President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government...

...The little-noticed recommendation would apply only to cases in which money is owed the government, and is tucked into the mammoth $3 trillion deficit-reduction plan the president submitted to Congress.

Despite the claim, the administration has not yet developed an estimate of how much the government would collect, and critics reject the logic behind the recommendation.

"Enabling robo-calls (to cellphones) is just going to lead to more harassment and abuse, and it's not going to help the government collect more money," said Lauren Saunders of the Boston-based National Consumer Law Center. "People aren't paying their student loans because they can't find a job."

President Subprime McDowngrade is really doing a bang-up job: not only is he killing jobs with out-of-control bureaucracies like the NLRB and the EPA, he's letting new swarms of debt collectors run wild on the little people.

Now I know this comes as quite a shock for liberals, but here's the real headline: Inexperienced, un-vetted community organizer makes surprisingly lousy president.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Responding to the President's exhortations to "pass this jobs bill now", Senate Democrats oblige by taking a pass

Chicago's powerhouse WLS-AM radio station has confirmed what Mark Levin surmised last week: when it comes to President Obama's "Jobs Bill", Democrats are running from Obama as fast as they possibly can.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama tried to keep the pressure on Congress to consider his nearly $450 billion jobs bill, saying it had been two weeks since he sent the bill to Capitol Hill "and now I want it back."

...So why have Democrats delayed action in the U.S. Senate on President Obama’s stimulus bill?

WLS Radio’s Bill Cameron reports his own party has delayed action in the Senate and talked with Senator Dick Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, about the reason why.


The oil-producing state senators don’t like eliminating or reducing the subsidy for oil companies, “ Durbin tells WLS Radio, “There are some senators who are up for election who say I’m never gonna vote for a tax increase while I’m up for election, even on the wealthiest people. So, we’re not gonna have 100% Democratic senators. That’s why it needs to be bi-partisan and I hope we can find some Republicans who will join us to make it happen.”

But so far, Durbin concedes Democrats don’t have the votes in the senate to pass it, “Not at the moment, I don’t think we do but, uh, we can work on it."

Liberalism is most assuredly a mental affliction, but the survival instinct is strong in these drones. So we'll have to pry each and everyone from their white-knuckled grip on power using a crowbar and a taser.

Politically speaking, of course.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dems' worst nightmare: Terror Wiretaps plus Invasion of Iraq plus Rendition plus Waterboarding Led to Bin Laden

Go ahead and say it: Dick Cheney rocks.

1. 2003: Enhanced Interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Results in the Nom De Guerre of bin Ladin's Courier...

2. 2004: Enhanced Interrogation of al-Qahtani Confirms the Nom De Geure of bin Ladin's Courier...

3. 2006 (?): Enhanced Interrogation of an Al Qaeda Captured in Iraq, Ghul, Produces the Real Name of the Courier...

4. 2006-2009: NSA Begins Furiously Intercepting Any And All Communications Made By Anyone "al-Kuwaiti" Has Ever Known...

5. Late 2010 (?): al-Kuwaiti Places a Very Ill-Advised Phone Call... "[conversing] with someone who was being monitored by U.S. intelligence... the courier [then] unknowingly led authorities to a [bizarre] compound in the northeast Pakistani town of Abbottabad..."

6. 2011: Surveying Abbottabad, We Grow Confident We've Found Bin Ladin's Hideout...

7. April 29-May 1 2011: Obama's Team Tells Him They Have High Confidence Bin Ladin (or at Least His Most Trusted Courier) is In the Compound, and Obama Agrees, and Orders the Raid; On May 1 It's Executed By SEAL Team 6...

8. May 2011: Begin a Disinformation Campaign To Convince the Public That 2003-2008 Never Happened...

Which leads to commenter Dan disclosing the new, MSM/DNC-approved timeline (not that they're trying to politicize this, mind you).

1. 1/21/09 OB gathers his inner circle and tells them that there is this real bad guy that Bush totally forgot about and didn't care that he secretly murdered 3,000 people early in Bush's administration and OB wanted him found ASAP.

2. 2/14.09 OB kicks out Bush incompetent an replaces him with super sleuth Leon Panetta because of his vast experience in espionage and fabulous motivational skills.

3. 2/15/09 OB tells Panetta that I'm 95% confident OBL is in Pakistan, probably somewhere just North of Islamabad in a house with high walls and maybe three stories and two security gates.

4. 2/21/09 OB tells Panetta that he intercepted a call from a guy who is really close to OBL and to drop everything else and totally focus only on him.

You know, a bigger man would humbly thank President Bush, Vice President Cheney, SecDef Rumsfeld, and all of our brave military and intelligence personnel for capping Bin Laden.

But then a bigger man wouldn't be a Narcissistic, Marxist ideologue with a penchant for parties, endless campaigning and golf.

Cartoon: The incomparable Michael Ramirez. Linked by: Michelle Malkin. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

When Leftist Drones Attack!

Apparently, asking a question about an unusual display of military medals and ribbons on civilian attire has raised the hackles of the hard left Democrats. In this case, a thread on Free Republic mentioned the magically expanding ribbon rack of one Connie Pillich, an Ohio Democrat legislator and hard-core tax-and-spend liberal in the mold of Nancy Pelosi.

Many veterans pointed out the display of medals and ribbons on civilian attire appeared, well, a bit tacky. But one extremely brave commenter named Anonymous ripped this august journal for even discussing the topic.

The last time someone made fun of a veteran was when Mean Jean Schmidt made her infamous comment that became a Saturday Night Live legend.

Be careful who you piss-off. Veterans don't like to see criticism of one of their own, especially when neither you nor Wilson have done anything to serve your county.

Representative Pillich has served her country.

Questioning her medals was one area you never should have touched, especially as a front for Wilson.

You have discredited yourself and your blog.

I think you can call her Representative Schmidt, nut-rack. As for myself and Wilson, you have no idea who we are or what we've done, crap-clown.

Oh. Yes. I'm sure our proud vets and their families really appreciate the Democrat Party's support:

• John 'Our Soldiers are terrorizing women and children' Kerry: "I am confident it will not work... I am confident it will. Not. Work."

• Nancy 'Stretch' Pelosi: "The surge has failed."

• Little Dick Durbin: "The administration's policy in Iraq has failed."

• Diane 'Franken' Feinstein: "Today a majority of the Senate sees that the Surge is not working!"

• Patrick 'Traitor' Leahy: "We know that the President's Surge policy has not worked."

• Harry 'The Body Odor' Reid: "The war is lost. The surge is not working."

• Barack Obama: "20,000 troops is [sic] not going to make a difference."

Yes, I'm sure all of our veterans, the families of our veterans, our heroes, appreciate this despicable behavior by a political party that openly roots for our troops' failure -- for partisan gain -- while they are on the field of battle!

But don't question their patriotism!

Now get the hell off my blog, you Marxist loser. Never sully the pages of my blog again! And don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Nicknames: Mark Levin's Top 50 Nicknames

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pass the popcorn, Nahanni: Schumer and Durbin Fight to Replace Senate Majority Leader Reid, Since Voters Plan on Forcibly Retiring Him in November

When you've lost Time Magazine, Harry, you've just flat out lost.

No one remembers exactly when they started, but there is no doubt that the campaigns for Senate majority leader are raging on Capitol Hill. They have not been formally declared, of course, and for good reason — the position is still filled. But as Harry Reid's November re-election has looked increasingly imperiled, his two top deputies in the Senate have become more overt in their quests for his job. And in a Senate that is already near paralyzed by partisan rancor, the two Democrats' maneuverings are threatening to further gum up the works.

Well, if by "gum up", you mean prevent this rogue Congress from further screwing up the country with its unconstitutional power-grabs, well then, I'm all for it.

Either one -- Schmucky Schumer or Little Dick Durbin -- would make a fine leader of the minority Democrats next year; Schumer with his cornrow-style hair-plugs and the other with his infamous halitosis.

And don't you love the smell of virtual napalm on the Democrat side of the aisle?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An open letter to Dick Durbin from a constituent

Mike M. points us to a well-written letter posted by 'Serkit'.

Dear Senator Durbin:

You were kind enough to send me your views on global warming, climate change, and cap-and-trade.

After the very close vote in the House yesterday on cap-and-trade, several documents were revealed that need to be considered prior to any action on your part in the Senate. It seems that when any of these things are discussed, the argument deteriorates to name-calling, especially the term "flat earther". Well, call me what you will, but the scientific facts simply do not support the Al Gore/Leonardo DiCaprio populist theories based on non-scientific "consensus". The legislation passed in the House does not even address nuclear power, a clean resource that needs to be part of our energy independence.

Three documents came out VERY late in the game on this debate:

1) A 300+ page "manager's amendment" that was added to the bill at 3:09am the day of the House vote. Not only was this a voluminous add-on, it is a scary document. If you support it, and I hope you do not, please let me know how local governments will be able to afford the extra staff to enforce the new and very confusing laws. The bill also radically modifies international trade rules.

2) A suppressed and censored report from our own EPA exposes many problems with the theories and "consensus" of the populist (and now debunked) theory of global warming, and the true (and minimal) affect of human activity on the climate. The suppressed EPA report is linked here:

3) A report from the Chicago-based Heartland Institute summarized the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) that attempts to use scientific and rational arguments to identify exactly what is going on in the climate and the true impact of human activity. The recently released NIPCC report is found here:

The previous letter you sent me contains seemingly factual statements that now appear to be patently false regarding wild temperature increases in the next ten years.

Although these "facts" are wrong, the underlying research found in the suppressed EPA report, and the NIPCC report will help you politically. Why? Because the laws you are about to impose on us, if passed, will do NOTHING to improve the climate or greenhouse gases and will not change the global average temperatures, but, you WILL be able to show "progress" because the falsely increasing temperatures will NOT happen anyway - allowing you to take the credit for keeping the planet cool. It is a perfectly contrived crisis so that radical redistribution of wealth can occur on a global scale.

Now, I realize as a leader in the Senate, you will probably not be able to back off for even one second to look at the facts, and I understand that. But I felt I owed it to myself, my children, and my future grandchildren, that I did not sit idly by while, during the great recession of 2009, with the highest unemployment in my lifetime, I sat silent while this legislation was passed.

This law, and the concept of cap-and-trade, is not going to work, is not needed, and will do more harm to our already crippled economy.

All I ask is that you take an honest look at the three documents above, keep an open mind to the facts, and consider what you are doing to this and future generations.

We need a change in energy policy, but this is not one of them.

Sincerely and respectfully,

[Name redacted]

Monday, January 05, 2009

Chicago... my kind o' town!

Papa B, a native Chicagoan, sent this one in


Who Runs it?
Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
Representative: Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Illinois Governor: Rod Blogojevich (arrested)
Illinois House leader: Mike Madigan
Illinois Attorney General: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
Chicago Mayor: Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)
The leadership in Illinois? All Democrats.

Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.

Body count in the last six months: 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago -- more souls lost than in Iraq.

State pension fund - $44 Billion in debt, worst in the country.

Cook County (Chicago ) sales tax - 10.25% highest in country (Look it up).

Chicago school system - rated one of the worst in the country and Obama just named the Arne Duncan, Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools as his Secretary of Education. Only 17% of 8th graders under his command read at grade level. That means 83% of Chicago aged students are reading below grade level. Over 60% are reading four or more grade levels below.

Of course, they're all blaming each other. They can't blame Republicans because there aren't any.


I didn't bother checking Snopes because I don't care.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Some call it Fascism

Goebbels was in favour of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re in favour of free speech, then you’re in favour of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.” — Noam Chomsky, in 1992, writing in Manufacturing Consent

Courtesy of Memeorandum I took a quick stroll over to the left side of the blogosphere this morning. I observed the leftoid pundits in full Atlantean regalia as Marin Cogan mocked conservative talk radio's concern over the ill-named "Fairness Doctrine".

Democrats may scratch their heads over why this has lately become a right-wing obsession, but the paranoia is not without precedent. The prospect of being in the opposition often brings out the worst in conservatives--paranoia and self-pity. Plus, when the conservative coalition seems threatened, there's no better way to unify the party than scaring up liberal bogeymen.

Following Cogan's lead, the echo chamber -- asserting unfounded wingnut paranoia -- popped heads up like a choral version of Whack-a-Mole.

Taylor Marsh, Human Events, PoliGazette, Midwest Voices, The Heretik,, Washington Monthly, Lawyers, Guns and Money, Matthew Yglesias and The Anonymous Liberal all joined in the fun.

Their diminution notwithstanding, certain facts are clear.

• On 11/4/08 Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) likened conservative talk radio to pornography stating, "I think we should all be fair and balanced, don’t you? ...The very same people who don’t want the Fairness Doctrine want the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] to limit pornography on the air. I am for that… But you can’t say government hands off in one area to a commercial enterprise but you are allowed to intervene in another..."

• In 2007 Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) told The Hill, "It’s time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. I have this old-fashioned attitude that when Americans hear both sides of the story, they’re in a better position to make a decision."

• Also in 2007 Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said, "I believe very strongly that the airwaves are public and people use these airwaves for profit. But there is a responsibility to see that both sides and not just one side of the big public questions of debate of the day are aired and are aired with some modicum of fairness."

• Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has fought for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine for two decades. On PBS in 2004 she told Bill Moyers, "[Rush Limbaugh is] [d]ominating America and a waste of good broadcast time and a waste of our airwaves."

Furthermore, even in the event that the push for the Fairness Doctrine fails, Cogan neglects to mention other, more serious attacks on talk radio. The attacks, disguised as ownership diversity, "local control" of content and/or ownership caps, suborn the free market radio broadcasting landscape with social engineering.

You know, the kind of social engineering that worked so well with the Community Reinvestment Act, subprime mortgages and Fannie Mae.

In New York City there are currently 61 radio stations ranging from Air America to Zen Radio. Radio is simply a marketplace of ideas and one in which the ideas of the left have, for the most part, failed miserably to resonate with listeners.

The leftists behind this sort of censorship can call it "fairness", "ownership diversity", "local control", what have you.

I just call it fascism. Because that's what it is.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

History Lesson: How Democrats doubled down on defeat

A brief tour:

• Democrat Joe Biden, Jan. 2007: "If he surges another 20, 30 [thousand], or whatever number he's going to, into Baghdad, it'll be a tragic mistake."

• Democrat Barack Obama, Jan. 2007: "I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraqis going to solve the sectarian violence there. In fact, I think it will do the reverse."

• Democrat Hillary Clinton, Jan. 2007: "I cannot support [the] proposed escalation of the war in Iraq."

• Democrat Barack Obama, Jan 2007: "I don't think the president's [surge] strategy is going to work."

• Democrat John Kerry, Feb. 2007: "The simple fact is that sending in over 20,000 additional troops isn't the answer--in fact, it's a tragic mistake. It won't end the violence; it won't provide security; won't turn back the clock and avoid the civil war that is already underway; it won't deter terrorists, who have a completely different agenda; it won't rein in the militias."

• Democrat Dennis Kucinich, Feb. 2007: "It has been proven time and time again that troop surges don't work."

• Democrat Harry Reid, Apr. 2007: "The war is lost... This surge is not accomplishing anything."

• Democrat Christopher Dodd, Apr. 2007: "We don't need a surge of troops in Iraq... there is no military solution in Iraq. To insist upon a surge is wrong."

• Democrat Barack Obama, Jul. 2007: "My assessment is that the surge has not worked."

• Democrat Dick Durbin, Aug. 2007: "By carefully manipulating the statistics, the Bush-Petraeus report will try to persuade us that violence in Iraq is decreasing and thus the surge is working. Even if the figures were right, the conclusion is wrong."

• Democrat Jan Schakowsky, Aug. 2007: "I believe overall the surge is a failure. ...It’s clear to me we cannot win..."

• Democrat Joe Biden, Sep. 2007: "We should stop the surge and start bringing our troops home... [When asked whether Iraq closer to political reconciliation than before the surge began, and would continuing the operation stop the killing between Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds?] ...The answer to both those questions is no."

• Democrat John Kerry, Sep. 2007: ""The president's escalation ... has failed to achieve its goal of bringing about a resolution of the fundamental conflict between Sunni and Shi'ite."

• Democrat Chris Dodd, Sep. 2007: "It pains me to say that ... the surge tactic is a failure — and that failure is reconfirmed everyday by unfolding events in Iraq."

• Democrat Barack Obama, Oct. 2007: "[The surge is a] complete failure... Iraq’s leaders are not reconciling. They are not achieving political benchmarks."

• Democrat Harry Reid, Nov. 2007: "It is indisputable that the goals of the surge have failed."

• Democrat Joe Biden, Nov. 2007: "This whole notion that the surge is working is fantasy."

• Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Feb. 2008: "There haven't been gains [in Iraq]... The gains have not produced the desired effect, which is the reconciliation of Iraq. This is a failure. This is a failure."

• Democrat Carl Levin, Apr. 2008: "...the purpose of the surge as announced by President Bush last year... has not been achieved"

• Democrat Joe Biden, Apr. 2008: "The purpose of the surge was to bring violence in Iraq down so that its leaders could come together politically. Violence has come down, but the Iraqis have not come together... We Democrats understand that this war must end..."

• Democrat Bill Richardson, Jun. 2008: "[when asked if he was ready to concede that John McCain had been right in proposing the surge, said] "Absolutely not."

Peter Wehner concludes:

Democrats, then, have compounded their initial bad judgment about the surge with reckless obstinacy. As ethno-sectarian violence in Iraq rapidly declined, as al Qaeda absorbed tremendous military blows, and as political accommodation and legislative achievements have emerged, Democrats, rather than welcoming the progress, grew agitated. They embraced with religious zeal the belief that the Iraq war was lost; they therefore viewed the success of the surge as a terribly inconvenient development, one they sought to deny to the point that they looked silly and out of touch. Worse, Democrats acted as if they had a vested interest in an American defeat.

Rarely has a political party been so uniformly wrong, in such an obvious way, on such an important matter. And when Americans cast their vote on November 4, they should carefully consider how Barack Obama and the entire Democratic party fought ferociously and relentlessly to undermine a policy that has worked extraordinarily well...

Democrats called General Petraeus a liar. They said the war was lost. They claimed our troops were barbaric, killing innocent civilians with impunity.

They were wrong. They were unbelievably partisan, putting their interests before those of the United States and the safety of its military.

No party has been more wrong, more often, on serious issues of national import than the Democratic party since 1864.

As for Iraq? Well, let's just say that the Democrats' track record as the Party of Weakness and Defeat remains unblemished.

Update: Even preventing a holocaust wasn't a good enough reason for Obama to keep troops in Iraq:

Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there...

Linked by: Gateway Pundit and Wolf Howling. Thanks! Sources: Peter Wehner, Stephen Collinson,, New York Times, Think Progress,, Reuters, Carl Levin's Official Website, Chris Dodd's Official Website.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Axis of Idiots

Now that the Democratic primary is heating up, J. D. Pendry's post from 2006 is worth revisiting (hat tips: Sgt. Kirk and Larwyn).

Jimmy Carter, you’re the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the runner-in-chief.

Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia, and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately they grew bolder, until 9/11.

John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam. Your military service, like your life, is more fiction than fact. You’ve accused our Soldiers of terrorizing women and children in Iraq. You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, the same words you used to describe Vietnam. You’re a fake. You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did the Vietnamese. Iraq, like Vietnam is another war that you were for, before you were against it.

John Murtha, you said our military was broken. You said we can’t win militarily in Iraq. You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof. And said we should redeploy to Okinawa. Okinawa John? And the Democrats call you their military expert. Are you sure you didn’t suffer a traumatic brain injury while you were off building your war hero resume? You’re a sad, pitiable, corrupt and washed up politician. You’re not a Marine sir. You wouldn’t amount to a pimple on a real Marines butt. You’re a phony and a disgrace. Run away John.

Dick Durbin, you accused our Soldiers at Guantanimo of being Nazis, tenders of Soviet style gulags and as bad as the regime of Pol Pot who murdered two million of his own people after your party abandoned South East Asia to the Communists. Now you want to abandon the Iraqis to the same fate. History was not a good teacher for you, was it? See Dick run.

Ted Kennedy, for days on end you held poster sized pictures from Abu Grhaib in front of any available television camera. Al Jazeera quoted you saying that Iraq’s torture chambers were open under new management. Did you see the news this week Teddy? The Islamic Nazis demonstrated real torture for you again. If you truly supported our troops, you’d show the world poster-sized pictures of that atrocity and demand the annihilation of the perpetrators of it. Your legislation stripping support from the South Vietnamese led to a communist victory there. You’re a bloated fool bent on repeating the same historical blunder that turned freedom-seeking people over to homicidal, genocidal maniacs. To paraphrase John Murtha, all while sitting on your wide, gin-soaked rear-end in Washington.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer et al ad nauseam. Every time you stand in front of television cameras and broadcast to the Islamic Nazis that we went to war because our President lied. That the war is wrong and our Soldiers are torturers. That we should leave Iraq, you give the Islamic butchers – the same ones that tortured and mutilated American Soldiers - cause to think that we’ll run away again and all they have to do is hang on a little longer.

American news media, the New York Times particularly. Each time you publish stories about national defense secrets and our intelligence gathering methods, you become one with the sub-human pieces of camel dung that torture and mutilate the bodies of American Soldiers. You can’t strike up the courage to publish cartoons, but you can help Al Qaeda destroy my country. Actually, you are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda is. Think about that each time you face Mecca to admire your Pulitzer.

You are America’s axis of idiots. Your Collective Stupidity will destroy us. Self-serving politics and terrorist abetting news scoops are more important to you than our national security or the lives of innocent civilians and Soldiers. It bothers you that defending ourselves gets in the way of your elitist sport of politics and your ignorant editorializing. There is as much blood on your hands as is on the hands of murdering terrorists. Don’t ever doubt that. Your frolics will only serve to extend this war as they extended Vietnam. If you want our Soldiers home, as you claim, knock off the crap and try supporting your country ahead of supporting your silly political aims and aiding our enemies. Yes, I’m questioning your patriotism. Your loyalty ends with self. I’m also questioning why you’re stealing air that decent Americans could be breathing. You don’t deserve the protection of our men and women in uniform. You need to run away from this war – this country. Leave the war to the people who have the will to see it through and the country to people who are willing to defend it.

No Commander in Chief, you don’t get off the hook either. Our country has two enemies. Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who attempt it from within. Your Soldiers are dealing with the outside force. It’s your obligation to support them by confronting the axis of idiots. America must hear it from you that these people are harming our country, abetting the enemy and endangering our safety. Well up a little anger please, and channel it toward the appropriate target. You must prosecute those who leak national security secrets to the media. You must prosecute those in the media who knowingly publish those secrets. Our Soldiers need you to confront the enemy that they cannot.

They need you to do it now.

J.D., apologies for quoting the whole thing, but it's too good to cut into soundbites.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Real Men of Congress

Pork Lite presents... Real Men of Congress.

Real men of Con-gress...

Today we salute you, Senator Immigration Reform... Reformer...

Senator Immigration Reform... er... Reform-er...

Your DREAM Act rewards illegal immigrants and their kids with amnesty and in-state tuition if they can evade the police for five years...

Never mind that the rest of us will have to pay for their healthcare, social security, and government services 'til 2070...

It's only sixty-three years...

You casually ignore massively underfunded social security and Medicare programs...

While berating your opponents for failing to fund illegal immigrants' education, healthcare, and retirement...

It's for the children...

You passed a border fence law a year ago that authorized 900 miles of fencing...

...and your crack construction team has only managed to build a mile a month.

It'll be done in 2070, too...

Yet you can't figure out why your office phone lines are jammed when you try to sneak a 4,000 page shamnesty bill into law over a long weekend...

Or why protesters line the Thanksgiving Day parade route and hurl turkey bones and stuffing at you.

How about you build the damn fence...?

So crack open an ice-cold box of Pork Lite wine, oh Senator Open Borders. We know that no matter what we say, you'll vote the way the lobbyists tell you.

Senator Immigration Reform... er... Reform-er...

Real Men of Congress, Washington DC, 20001.