Friday, April 23, 2010

Counter Revolution

These are the contractors who were laid off on Thursday as new EPA regulations went into effect. The agency's rules double the costs of residential and commercial rehab projects for any structure built before 1978. Any project that impacts more than six square feet of wall or floor space will be affected.

These are some of the 2,500 Sallie Mae employees who were laid off this month after the federal government took over the student loan industry. Tens of thousands of private sector employees will lose their jobs as the industry is nationalized.

These are the doctors who quit their profession after the federal government prohibited them from building clinics, MRI imaging centers or hospitals in the "comprehensive health care reform" bill. The nationalized health care bill controls one-sixth of the American economy.

These are the auto dealers who were forced to close their dealerships after the federal government nationalized two auto companies using funds authorized only for bank bailouts. Abrogating bankruptcy law, the White House awarded $60 billion of taxpayer funds to the auto unions, an apparent reward to their political supporters.

These are the laid-off construction workers at 25,000 non-unionized small businesses which were prohibited from bidding for Stimulus dollars by President Obama. The Association of Building Contractors says that this unprecedented step increases "construction costs between 10 percent and 20 percent and discriminate[s] against minorities, women and qualified construction workers who have traditionally been excluded from union membership."

These are a few of the millions of unemployed workers who initially supported the $840 billion Stimulus program because President Obama and Congressional Democrats promised unemployment would not reach 8% if it were passed. Instead, official unemployment quickly hit -- and remains -- around 10%. The number of persons who were unemployed for more than six months hit an all-time high of 6.5 million last month.

These are the "Black Panthers" who waved batons at voters during the 2008 election, "the most blatant form of voter intimidation" some civil rights experts had ever seen. Despite this, the Attorney General declined to -- or was ordered not to -- prosecute the case, raising the potential for similar incidents in successive elections.

These are the leaders of two of America's staunchest historical allies -- the United Kingdom and Israel -- who have been shunned by this administration in an unprecedented series of diplomatic maneuevers. Several days ago, London's Daily Mail reported that, "Britain's special relationship with the U.S. is over." And the BBC recently reported that "Ties between Israel and the US are the 'worst in 35 years'."

These are the masterminds behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. They are known terrorists who've been granted the rights of American citizens in order for the Obama administration to hold trials near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

These are the "millions of 'green jobs'" President Obama pledged to create. More of these 'green jobs' will be created should "Cap-and-Trade" and other energy taxes pass, which the President and Congressional Democrats have strongly endorsed.

These are the illegal immigrants empowered by President Obama's promise of "comprehensive immigration reform". Their unchecked flow into the U.S. is intended to ensure a permanent Democrat majority. And their presence promises to bankrupt a welfare state already teetering on the brink of economic calamity.

* * * * * * * * *

No federal government has damaged the American free market more than this one. No federal government has stolen more employment, more freedom, more private property -- from this and future generations -- than this one. No government has created more regulations, more unconstitutional dictates, more -- dare I say it -- slavery than this one.

Now, given all of these facts: can there be any doubt what Barack Obama meant when he twice proposed, "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as our military?

The Obama-Democrat Left has mounted the first successful counter-revolution -- against the American Revolution -- in our history. Using an incessant series of attacks by a fifth column, the intent of the counter-revolution is to eradicate the effects of the American Revolution. The most magnificent society ever created hangs in the balance.

The midterm elections in November represent our last chance to salvage the American experiment.

Marshal your parents, your children, your siblings, your neighbors, your coworkers -- marshal everyone you know, because the stakes could not be higher.


Pastorius said...

How is it that you can write such a provocative post, and you get no comments?

directorblue said...

Because it got posted about 20 minutes ago? :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish this blog was much more mainstream- it would be nice if Rush could make note of you on his radio show to help spread the word like he does for Hot Air, American Thinker, and Legal Insurrection. People NEED to read the insight you put out there. It's hauntingly prophetic.

Anonymous said...

Great post

- drjohn

Pat Austin said...

This is awesome. This is why your blog is one of the first I check every single day. Brilliant.

Linking now.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I will say, though, that I am amazed at how many people I run into that have not given these issues a passing thought. Everything is still OK, in their own personal spheres, and they assume that "someone else" will handle things while they sing "We Are The World"...sigh

Jewish Odysseus said...

Another one for the ages, Doug--fantastic!

sirknob said...

Who says this blog isn't main stream I steal stuff from here all the time.. uh.. I mean I read this blog every day :-)

Travis said...

Well said.

Don said...

Truth to Power !

Red said...

I can't wrap my mind around all of this that has happened in my lifetime. This November, I hope we win. And I mean I hope "We The People" win, not just some party. I hope we win.

Anonymous said...

If a private company could put this together in an commercial and get it on TV this fall, I think it could have a big impact

Anonymous said...

Someone could take this concept, put it on youtube and it would go viral, within days...

Jar(egg)head said...

I agree with one of the Anonymous comments above:this should be an ad on national television. Hell, it's already formatted for it. Get some funding and get it on the alphabet channels.

Kalt said...

If you want to change things, get involved in party politics as a precinct committeeman in the Republican Party. Go here:

For Liberty,
Cold Warrior

at the edge said...

Hey man, I'm glad I landed on your blog, Doug.
Great post. Got here via J Odysseus.

Googlymoogly said...

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