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NICOLE LURIE: Obama's First Ebola Czar Was Embroiled in a Massive Scandal in 2011 and Still Holds Her Job

In November 2011, David Willman of The Los Angeles Times described another instance of taxpayer abuse by the Obama administration, this time in the Department of Health and Human Services. Obama's first "Ebola Czar" -- Dr. Nicole Lurie -- is said to have directed nearly half a billion dollars to a huge Obama donor for a vaccination no one wanted.

Perhaps some of the geniuses in the GOP can dredge up this article when they're accused -- falsely -- of slashing someone's budget. First off, no one's budget's been slashed. Second, MRC has documented the copious, criminal waste of money by the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

But back to the original Ebola Czar, Dr. Lurie. Let Willman tell the tale:

Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal

A company controlled by a longtime political donor gets a no-bid contract to supply an experimental remedy for a threat that may not exist.

November 13, 2011|By David Willman, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Washington — Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world's richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor...

Costs "well above what" specialists said was reasonable

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company's financial demands, senior officials replaced the government's lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing.

Top 20 Quotes From The Intelligent Investor

Some excellent advice, culled from 74 Quotes From The Intelligent Investor, Revised Edition, via BadBlue Money.

20. If fees consume more than 1% of your assets annually, you should probably shop for another adviser.

19. There is no reason to feel any shame in hiring someone to pick stocks or mutual funds for you. But there’s one responsibility that you must never delegate. You, and no one but you, must investigate whether an adviser is trustworthy and charges reasonable fees.

18. The distinction between investment and speculation in common stocks has always been a useful one and its disappearance is cause for concern.

17. Wall Street has a few prudent principles; the trouble is that they are always forgotten when they are most needed.

16. Never mingle your speculative and investment operations in the same account nor in any part of your thinking.

15. Thousands of people have tried, and the evidence is clear: The more you trade, the less you keep.

14. No matter how careful you are, the one risk no investor can ever eliminate is the risk of being wrong. Only by insisting on what Graham called the “margin of safety” – never overpaying, no matter how exciting an investment seems to be – can you minimize your odds of error.

ANALYSIS: Ebola Czar Ron Klain was Appointed to Cover Up New Cases of Deadly Virus, Not Protect Americans

Did you know that President Obama already has an "Ebola Czar"? Dr. Nicole Lurie is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Nicole Lurie, a Scandal-Plagued Bureaucrat

Lurie has been mysteriously absent from discussions of the Ebola outbreak. The media seems rather incurious about her even though she's served in her very high-ranking position for five years. She is one of only eight direct reports to the HHS Secretary.

But Lurie has a sordid background: she was implicated in a major scandal three years ago, reportedly directing a $433 million grant to a major Obama donor "and away from a company that was developing a treatment now being used on Ebola patients."

So Lurie has been carefully written out of the media's stories on the government's response to Ebola. She's an embarrassment; one of thousands of incompetent, political hacks who have burrowed into the federal bureaucracy, seemingly more intent on thievery than on their actual jobs.

That explains why Lurie has been "unavailable for comment".

So who is the new "Ebola Czar", Ron Klain?

He's a far left Democrat political operative, who has served as a chief of staff for both the dumbest Vice President ever (Joe Biden, who previously served as the dumbest senator in American history) and the infamous global warming grifter and Al Jazeera supporter, Al Gore.

As Mark Levin pointed out on Friday, Klain has a "shady past" and was involved with Gore's lawless efforts to steal the 2000 presidential election.

And, like so many Clinton cronies, Klain is said to have profited from protecting Fannie Mae from proper oversight, one of the primary factors behind the 2008 housing meltdown.

What does Klain know about Ebola, or any infectious disease, for that matter?

What qualifies him to lead this critical effort?

It turns out: absolutely nothing.

My contention is that Klain is there to to cover up new cases of Ebola, to threaten hospitals and other medical facilities with financial retribution, and to otherwise attempt to salvage Democrats' midterm hopes by excising the word Ebola from the nation's headlines.

There is no other rational reason for Klain to serve in this capacity.

As Dan McLaughlin notes, putting Klain in charge of the government's Ebola response is somewhat akin to George W. Bush naming Karl Rove the head of Katrina recovery in 2006.

As with every decision this administration makes, politics trumps protecting the American people.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Quietly Begins Unilateral Immigration Reform

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Scandal Central

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Climate & Energy

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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

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Image: Some day they will ask “how could we not have known?”
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QOTD: "Any day, any minute, illegal immigrants sick with Ebola could be walking across our border.

Worse, how easy is it for our radical Muslim enemies to send Ebola-infected terrorists across the border? How simple is it to infect and send hundreds of Ebola suicide terrorists into our hospitals and children’s schools?

All our radical Jihadist enemies have to do is inject tainted Ebola blood into volunteer suicide bombers or, worse, innocent children and send them across the border. Undetectable, they walk across our southern border showing no symptoms and surrender to U.S. border agents. Obama disperses them across the country where they sneeze or cough on their lawyers, caretakers and classmates. It’s that easy; it’s that simple to start a deadly Ebola pandemic across America.

Equally disturbing, what if Ebola spreads to Mexico, Central or South America? Suddenly panic ensues and hundreds of thousands of their citizens (or even millions) run for the U.S. border looking for America’s medical system to save them, spreading Ebola like wildfire… into your home and mine.

Our border is wide open to bring death and disaster, ending America as we know it. Yet President Obama is unwilling to do a thing to secure it. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

The question is why?" --Wayne Allan Root

Saturday, October 18, 2014

WHY, OF COURSE HE WILL: Obama Plans to Let Ebola-infected Foreigners Into U.S. for Treatment

By Judicial Watch

Washington, DC – Judicial Watch has learned that the Obama administration is actively formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. Specifically, the goal of the administration is to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis.

It is unclear who would bear the high costs of transporting and treating non-citizen Ebola patients. The plans include special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease as dangerous as Ebola.

One source tells us that the Obama administration is keeping this plan secret from Congress. The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress.

Related: VIRAL SUICIDE: Obama DHS Now EXPEDITING Visa Requests From Ebola-Infected Countries.

Marxist Propagandists at "The Advocacy Project" Blame Obama's Dysfunctional CDC on... Republicans

By Roger Aronoff

A new ad put out by the left-wing Advocacy Project seeks to link Republican budget cuts with the spread of the Ebola virus, a shameful fear tactic that could take hold among a populace rightfully concerned about this epidemic. While media organizations such as Time Magazine and Real Clear Politics have reported on the existence of the video, all they did was cite the ad, not challenge the veracity of its information. In doing so, they’re acting as vehicles for spreading its misinformation.

The Heritage Foundation’s news website, The Daily Signal, reported that “Erica Payne, the founder and president of The Agenda Project, told CNN that ‘people should be deathly afraid of Republican policies,’ and that there is ‘no question’ about the link between budget cuts and Ebola.”

The Washington Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler calls the arguments in this ad, and the similar strategy by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of blaming Republicans for cuts, “absurd.” He bestows such claims with four Pinocchios. According to him, appropriations for the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health are down, but this has as much to do with bipartisan action and inflation as anything else. “Obama’s Republican predecessor oversaw big increases in public-health sector spending, and both Democrats and Republicans in recent years have broadly supported efforts to rein in federal spending,” he writes. In other words, both parties have increased and decreased health care budgets. “There’s no doubt that spending has been cut, or at least failed to keep pace with inflation, but the fingerprints of both parties are on the knives,” he writes.

But the news media have taken this Democrat message and tried to further it in its own reporting, either by disseminating the ad or through outright partisanship. MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted on October 12, “To the anti-government wingers in my thread: so far, the only ‘spread of Ebola’ in the U.S. was caused by a private hospital in a red state.” This comes from the same news channel where a host claimed that Alton Nolen’s beheading of an innocent woman in Moore, Oklahoma had as much to do with Islam as what the alleged perpetrator ate for breakfast.

HELPFUL ILLUSTRATION: The 24 Types of Authoritarian

Davi Barker provides a rebuttal to the 24 Types of Libertarian:

Hat tip: American Digest.

Email Conversation with a Drone

Email sent to a hard-core Leftist drone:

Just wondering: how's that Obama vote working out for you these days?


World is still here

Sent from my iPhone

My reply:

I want you to consider the following list, then think about what this means 5, 10 and 15 years down the road for your kids. Or do you just not give a crap about your kids?

• Ebola.
• IRS targeting of political opponents.
• Gun-running to Mexican drug cartels with hundreds dead as a result.
• Wiretapping 100 reporters.
• Mass genocide in Syria.
• Mass genocide in Iraq.
• The most powerful army of Islamic terrorists ever seen on Earth (ISIS).
• A nuclear Iran.
• A U.S. ambassador murdered by terrorists after all security was stripped from him.
• Open hatred of Israel.
• Open love for the Muslim Brotherhood, a direct offshoot of the Nazi Party.
• Russia invading Ukraine.
• China claiming control of large swaths of the Pacific.
• A doubling of the federal debt.
• Record numbers on food stamps.
• Record numbers on Social Security Disability.
• Record low labor force participation rate, with drops every year of his presidency.
• Record numbers losing their private health insurance plans.
• Record numbers of criminal illegal aliens released into the U.S.
• Record numbers of illegal aliens entering the U.S. with Enterovirus, Tuberculosis, Smallpox, and Leprosy.
• Record amount of taxpayer funds redirected to his campaign contributors through the "Stimulus".

That's just off the top of my head.

Say a prayer tonight, because we're all gonna need it. Oh, forget it. You're happy with all of these developments, which can only mean you despise this country.

CHART: Political Ads by Cable Channel

The term "low-information voter" comes to mind.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

CHART: Results of Economic Policies by President

The Obama administration's own statistics -- doctored though they may be -- offer a harsh indictment of the policies proferred by a radical ideologue.

Larwyn's Linx: Six Reasons to Panic

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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

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Image: Obama says Ebola quarantines could make things worse
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QOTD: "Eli Lake at the Daily Beast has a piece out which is quite interesting as a follow-up to the New York Times’ expose earlier this week on the undisclosed massive chemical weapons finds in Iraq during the Bush presidency.

Lake has several sources who answer the question of why, if our troops were finding chemical weapons in significant quantities in Iraq as early as 2004 and some were becoming injured as a result of contact with those weapons, the Bush administration didn’t trumpet the discoveries as proof it wasn’t lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons-of-mass-destruction program.

The answer? Because Karl Rove didn’t want to fight that battle anymore.

...Rove is a loser, to put an overly fine point on it. He doesn’t have the ability to move public opinion in a way favorable to the Republican Party because he doesn’t offer good political strategy. Rove wouldn’t even use truth to defend his boss from provable lies told by power-hungry leftist demagogues. Nobody like that should ever get access to major electoral campaign resources again." --The Hayride

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Naked Karl Rove

By The HayRide

Eli Lake at the Daily Beast has a piece out which is quite interesting as a follow-up to the New York Times’ expose earlier this week on the undisclosed massive chemical weapons finds in Iraq during the Bush presidency.

Lake has several sources who answer the question of why, if our troops were finding chemical weapons in significant quantities in Iraq as early as 2004 and some were becoming injured as a result of contact with those weapons, the Bush administration didn’t trumpet the discoveries as proof it wasn’t lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons-of-mass-destruction program.

The answer? Because Karl Rove didn’t want to fight that battle anymore.

To people familiar with the issue, both inside that administration and outside, the blame for the coverup falls on one particular set of shoulders: Rove’s.

From the perspective of Rick Santorum, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania who lost his seat in 2006, some of the weapons of mass destruction President Bush promised would be in Iraq before the 2003 invasion of the country began turning up as early as 2004.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Santorum said he and his staff began receiving photographs of discarded sarin and mustard-gas shells from U.S. soldiers in 2004. Two years later, when he was up for re-election, Santorum even went public with some of this information in a press conference disclosing a Pentagon report that found 500 chemical-weapons shells had been found in Iraq.

One might think a politically vulnerable Bush White House would’ve seized on Santorum’s discovery. After all, Bush and his subordinates famously accused Iraq of having active weapons of mass destruction programs.

But at least in 2005 and 2006, the Bush White House wasn’t interested. “We don’t want to look back,” Santorum recalled Rove as saying (though Santorum stressed he was not quoting verbatim conversations he had more than eight years ago). “I will say that the gist of the comments from the president’s senior people was ‘We don’t want to look back, we want to look forward.’”

ANOTHER CDC COVERUP? Reported Source of New Virus Killing Kids: Obama's "Unaccompanied Alien Children"

By Investor's Business Daily

Public Health: A disease that was once rare in the U.S. is killing Americans, and its rise coincides with the tidal wave of unaccompanied minor children arriving from Latin America under our de facto open-border policy.

Eli Waller, a 4-year-old New Jersey boy, died Sept. 25. He was reportedly fine and healthy when he went to bed but died overnight, with the cause confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control to be enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68), one more casualty in an epidemic that has swept the country seemingly out of nowhere.

The CDC website reports that from mid-August to Oct. 10, the CDC itself or state authorities confirmed that 691 people in 46 states and the District of Columbia had come down with some sort of respiratory illness caused by EV-D68. Five children, including Eli, died from their infections.

More than a few observers have noticed that the sudden increase in EV-D68 cases coincides with the rapid rise of unaccompanied minors crossing our porous border. These children, often without proper health screenings, have been distributed throughout the U.S.

The CDC denies any connection, noting that cases of EV-D68 have occurred in the U.S. for decades, having first been detected in California in 1962.

"There is no evidence that unaccompanied children brought EV-D68 into the United States, we are not aware of any of these children testing positive for the virus," the CDC told World Net Daily in an email response to an inquiry into the possible connection.

It is true that EV-D68 has been in the U.S. at least since 1962. But according to a study done by doctors from the Division of Viral Diseases at the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases published on the CDC's own website, EV-D68 "is one of the most rarely reported serotypes, with only 26 reports throughout the 36-year study period (1970 through 2006)."

Top 10 #BetterEbolaCzars

Even though he already has one, President Obama today hurriedly named an "Ebola Czar". He's a political hack -- with no medical experience whatsoever -- name Ron Klain. Oh, and Klain's one of the same crooks fine officials "who gave the green light to pissing away billions of federal dollars on Solyndra."

Which prompted the fast-trending Twitter meme #BetterEbolaCzars. My favorites?

Tyrants in Black Robes

By Richard Larsen

Two key decisions rendered by the Federal Judiciary this week severely challenge not only the foundational institutions of our society, but the fundamental operation of our republic.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced this week that it opted to not hear appeals by five states regarding their traditional marriage laws. Utah, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma all had laws on the books defining marriage as a contractual institution including a man and a woman that had been appealed to the Supreme Court from lower courts. The net effect is that judicial decisions at lower levels against those state laws will now stand, opening the way for same-sex marriages in those states.

The Supreme Court’s rationale to not hear the cases may well have been portended by Justice Antonin Scalia last month in Bozeman, MT when he said, “It’s not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections that are not subject to the usual rule that you have to get the majority to agree with it.”

Even more disconcerting is the decision by three judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Idaho and Nevada’s laws supporting traditional marriage.

Larwyn's Linx: Evidence grows U.S. Enterovirus epidemic caused by Obama's invasion of illegal aliens

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Image: Nowhere to Run To, Baby, Nowhere to Hide
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "History will mark down 2014 as the year predicted 49 years ago by Martha and the Vandellas. In 1965 the group recorded a Motown classic, “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide.” We’re there, at the brink.

Liberia, ISIS, Ukraine, Hong Kong, a hospital fighting Ebola infections in Dallas, the year’s stock-market gains obliterated, and I almost forgot—just last week Secretary of State John Kerry warned that climate change could end life as we know it.

Then this week the clouds parted and the year’s best news arrived: Led by Europe’s sinking economies, global economic growth is falling, taking stocks and bonds with it, and the world’s central bankers say they have run out of ideas on doing anything about it." --Daniel Henninger