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THE CONFIRMATION OF LORETTA LYNCH: Treasonous Sellout #828 by the Establishment Republicans

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The Republican Party is becoming more and more detached from their conservative base. They seem to vote against anything the conservatives want and do all they can to enable our Marxist president. As Andrew McCarthy put it, “Voting to confirm an attorney general who won’t uphold the Constitution isn’t a way to inspire confidence among conservatives.”

Last Thursday, Karl Rove couldn’t wait to announce that, “The dysfunctional Congress finally appears to be working again as the Founders intended.” Really? Because this isn’t the way I perceive the Founders having intended it at all. They would have impeached and removed a sitting president who acted like a monarch. Then to validate Rove’s proclamation, the GOP-controlled Senate confirmed as attorney general Loretta Lynch who blatantly supports the systematic non-enforcement of federal law. Ms. Lynch also supports President Obama’s boldly unconstitutional usurpations of legislative authority, including Congress’ power to set the terms of lawful presence by aliens in our country. Ted Cruz slammed the Republican majority in the Senate for allowing the Lynch nomination:

CHART O' THE DAY: How the Clinton Global Initiative Used its Funds During Hillary's Tenure at State

In 2010, when Barack Obama said, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money," he definitely wasn't referring to the Clintons.

Because it wasn't enough for Bill Clinton to sell sensitive missile technology to the Red Chinese for campaign donations. It wasn't enough for Hillary Clinton to sell America's most valuable nuclear technologies to the Russians for "contributions" to her family's personal piggy bank.

That piggy bank, otherwise known as "The Clinton Global Graft Initiative", had an interesting way of doling out the "contributions" it received.

The Clintons are a malignant tumor on the body politic. They have a history of doing anything for money -- including selling out their own country -- and when it comes to their personal bank accounts, there's apparently never enough zeroes.

Hat tip: @amr033.

DANIEL GREENFIELD: For the Left, Society’s Death is Victory

By Daniel Greenfield

The left is winning, but for the left winning is indistinguishable from dying.

The West didn’t defeat Communism; it held it at bay long enough for it to defeat itself. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China crushed Communism more decisively than Goldwater could have ever dreamed of.

The embargo didn’t turn Cuba into a hellhole whose main tourism industry is inviting progressive Canadian pedophiles to rape its children. Castro did that with help from the dead guy on the red t-shirts.

 “One of the greatest benefits of the revolution is that even our prostitutes are college graduates,” Castro told Oliver Stone. In real life, his prostitutes are lucky if they graduated from elementary school.

American admirers eager to get to Havana claim to be worried that Starbucks will ruin their Socialist paradise. What really worries them is that American businesses might give Cuban teens an economic alternative to sexually servicing decrepit leftists from Berkeley for $10 a night in the revolutionary version of Thailand where everyone is free, especially the political prisoners and raped children.

There’s no embargo to blame in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez destroyed his own Bolivarian revolution by implementing it. The Venezuelan economic collapse really took off while Obama was in the White House leafing through the tract Chavez had gifted him blaming America for all of Latin America’s troubles.

Now Chavez, the tract’s author and the Venezuelan economy are all dead.

AND THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING: Clinton Crime Family Took Money From Hezbollah Backer

By Investor's Business Daily

Politics: The danger of foreign influence-buying through foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation is seen in millions of dollars of donations from Issam Fares, a Lebanese politician and billionaire enemy of Israel.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, the adage that the past is prologue is both a truism and a warning of possible things to come.

Just as Johnny Chung famously compared the first Clinton White House to a subway turnstile in which you put money to gain access, the Clinton Foundation is looking to be that turnstile on steroids, with dangerous implications for both American and Israeli security.

One of the contributors to the Clinton Foundation, according to an analysis of known donors by Joseph Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon, is Issam Fares, a Lebanese billionaire and philanthropist who has donated between $1 million and $5 million.

Some would question the sincerity of his philanthropy, since he is very selective about which of his fellow human beings he wishes to benefit and which he wants to see wiped off the face of the earth.

His connections to the Iranian terrorist sock-puppet Hezbollah and his animus towards our ally Israel speak volumes about his true intentions.

HILLARY'S RESUME: What She Hopes You've Forgotten

By Diane Rigali

Hillary Clinton has been telling America that she is the most qualified candidate for president based on her "record," which she says includes her eight years in the White House as First Lady - or "co-president" - and her seven years in the Senate. Here is a reminder of what that record includes - prior to serving as the most corrupt Secretary of State in modern American history:

HILLARY, As First Lady, assumed authority over Health Care Reform, a process that cost the taxpayers over $13 million. She told both Bill Bradley and Pat Moynahan, key votes were needed to pass her legislation, that she would "demonize "anyone who opposed it. But it was opposed; she couldn't even get it to a vote in a Congress controlled by her own party. (And in the next election, her party lost control of both the House and Senate.)

HILLARY assumed authority over selecting a female Attorney General. Her first two recommendations (Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood) were forced to withdraw their names from consideration, and then she chose Janet Reno. Janet Reno has since been described by Bill himself as "my worst mistake."

HILLARY recommended Lani Guanier for head of the Civil Rights Commission. When Guanier's radical views became known, her name had to be withdrawn.

HILLARY recommended her former law partners, Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, and William Kennedy for positions in the Justice Department, White House staff, and the Treasury, respectively. Hubbell was later imprisoned, Foster committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

HILLARY also recommended a close friend of the Clintons, Craig Livingstone, for the position of director of White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of up to 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, both Hillary and her husband denied knowing him. (FBI agent Dennis Sculimbrene confirmed in a Senate Judiciary Committee in 1996 both the drug use and Hillary's involvement in hiring Livingstone. After that, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office, after serving seven presidents for over thirty years.)

HILLARY, in order to open "slots" in the White House for her friends the Harry Thomasons (to whom millions of dollars in travel contracts could be awarded), had the entire staff of the White House Travel Office fired. They were reported to the FBI for "gross mismanagement" and their reputations ruined. After a thirty-month investigation, only one, Billy Dale, was charged with a crime - mixing personal money with White House funds when he cashed checks. The jury acquitted him in less than two hours.

HILLARY also assumed the duty of directing the "bimbo eruption squad" and scandal defense:

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QOTD: "When you’re credibly accused of selling government influence to enemy powers in exchange for truckloads of cash, the obvious response is to ask your allies to give you truckloads of cash too. If you’re a sociopath, I mean; if not, you should probably apologize, return the money, and quietly retire to reflect on what you’ve become.

I wonder if there’s an infinite-regression element to this tactic. Like, will the next fundraising e-mail from Podesta point to conservative blogs complaining about today’s fundraising e-mail, urging Hillary fans to “strike back at the right” by sending her their gold fillings?

...[There are] two sides of her coming “first woman president” campaign pitch. Begging lefty suckers to fork over money in indignation that this fabulously rich family and its fabulously rich “charity” are being challenged for accepting some fabulously lucrative donations from foreigners at curious times is vintage Hillary. This can only end with Iran donating $100 million to the Clinton Foundation on the eve of final nuke negotiations to 'fight Republican lies.'" --Allahpundit

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CASH FOR NUKES: The Clinton Crime Family Timeline

Colin Campbell and Pamela Engel offer an insightful summary of the Clinton Crime Family's latest scandal. Yeah, I know, it's hard to keep 'em all straight. I mean the latest one, where Hillary's State Department approved the sale of nuclear weapons material to Russia (and therefore likely Iran) after the Clintons received millions from Russian government entities.

• Canadian company Uranium One owned uranium mines in the US and Kazakhstan.

Uranium One's mines account for 20% of the uranium mined in the US. Uranium is used for nuclear weapons, and it's considered a strategic asset to the US.

• Russia’s state-owned atomic agency, Rosatom, bought a 17% stake in Uranium One in June 2009.

The Russian atomic agency decided it wanted to own 51% of Uranium One in June 2010. To take a majority stake in Uranium One, it needed approval from a special committee that included the State Department, which Hillary Clinton led at the time.

Investors in Uranium One gave money to the Clinton Foundation starting in 2005 and through 2011. On June 29, 2010, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to speak in Russia by an investment bank with ties to Russia's government that had a buy rating on Uranium One’s stock.

CRUZ LAYS DOWN THE LAW: Congress Must Approve Any Iran Deal

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania, have filed an amendment (#1152) to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, which would require affirmative Congressional approval of any Iranian nuclear deal before sanctions relief can occur.

"The Constitution makes clear that Congress must approve international agreements like the one President Obama is negotiating with Iran," said Sen. Cruz. "A nuclear Iran is the single greatest threat to our national security and also poses an unacceptably high risk to Israel. Reviewing this deal and deciding whether or not to consent to it may well be the most important function of this Congress. It is not something that should be rushed, and it is imperative that, at the very least, the President obtain majority support for his deal from both Houses of Congress before moving forward."

As currently written, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 would first require Congress to pass a resolution of disapproval and then require Congress to muster votes from two-thirds of each chamber to override a Presidential veto. What's more, if Congress failed to act within a set timeframe, the deal would go into effect by default. This process gets the Constitution's allocation of authority precisely backwards.

The Cruz-Toomey amendment would remove these options and restore a more proper process for Congress to exercise its Constitutional power. It would require President Obama to persuade a majority of Senators and Representatives to approve his deal before it goes into effect.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

BIDEN: "If you're a front-line worker, here's how you move up"

Just received from Slow Joe:

Here's the correct photo they forgot to include:

You're welcome.

I love the fact that Biden and Obama offer advice about "moving up" in the world. These permanent wards of the state never worked an honest day in their lives.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Image: A US Marshal Smashed a Woman's Phone Because She Was Filming Him in Public
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QOTD: "Gennifer Flowers. Cattle futures. The White House travel office. Rose Law Firm files. The Lincoln Bedroom. Monica Lewinsky. And now, the Clinton Foundation. What ties these stories together is the predictable, paint-by-numbers response from the Bill and Hillary Clinton political operation.

1. Deny: Salient questions are dodged, and evidence goes missing. The stone wall is built.

2. Deflect: Blame is shifted, usually to Republicans and the media.

3. Demean: People who question or criticize the Clintons get tarred as right-wing extremists, hacks, nuts, or sluts." --Ron Fournier

Thursday, April 23, 2015

NITWIT SAYS WHAT? Critics whine Ted Cruz missed completely meaningless final Loretta Lynch confirmation vote

Radical leftist Loretta Lynch (who actually said she would not enforce the law as written) was confirmed as Attorney General today in the Senate. Ted Cruz, a vociferous critic of Lynch, was absent for the final vote. And that brought out the Cruz-haters of both parties:

The goofy and predictably dense Doug Mataconis
The utterly clueless Sarah Mimms
• And numbskull Maria Recio

Each of whom claimed that the final vote total was relevant. Hint: it wasn't.

The only vote that mattered was to end debate. Any subsequent vote was Kabuki Theater (also known as "GOP Failure Theater"). Pete Kasperowicz explains:

...the key vote on whether to end debate on Lynch’s nomination. The so-called “cloture vote” in the Senate is in fact the critical vote, since an agreement to end debate needs 60 votes, and once that happens, it’s usually a cinch to find the 51 votes needed to confirm a nominee or pass a bill.

Cruz and most other Republicans voted against ending debate, but 20 Republicans voted with Democrats and allowed Lynch to get to a final vote.

Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter said the cloture vote was the “vote that mattered,” and laid out her argument in a series of tweets soon after the vote:

As usual, the Democrat and Republican establishment dimwits and their sycophants like Mataconis are covering up the real scandal. Which is that these schmucks represent one party, the party of big government, and only Constitutional conservatives like Cruz represent a way out.

Hat tip: BadBlue news.

THANKS, CLINTON CRIME FAMILY: China warns U.S. that North Korea has more nuke capability than anyone imagined

Remember the last time a Democrat President negotiated 'limits' on nuclear weapons with genocidal dictators? Yeah, that was funny.

China’s top nuclear experts believe North Korea may be a much larger and immediate nuclear threat than previously believed.

According to the Wall Street Journal (paywall), Chinese uranium enrichment experts estimate Pyongyang has 20 nuclear warheads and enough weapons-grade uranium to double that arsenal within a year. The comments, made in a briefing with nuclear experts from the United States, are well above current US estimates of between 10 and 16 nuclear bombs.

Sanctions, international condemnation, and negotiations haven’t done much to dent the country’s nuclear ambitions. Pyongyang routinely threatens to nuke New York and turn Seoul into a lake of fire. Relations between North Korea and its longtime patrons in Beijing are also deteriorating.

North Korea watchers have increasingly argued that it may be too late to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, which has also become a cautionary tale for critics of a proposed deal with Iran...

Gee, ya think?

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

OBAMA EDUCATION SECRETARY: Parents Who Opt Out of Common Core are Racists

By Rusty Weiss

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued a veiled threat to the parents and students who choose to opt out of Common Core testing – The Feds “have an obligation to step in.”

Federal law, under No Child Left Behind, requires 95 percent of students in a state to take the annual standardized tests in reading and math from grades 3-8. It is a requirement which until now has never needed enforcement or consideration.

With as many as 184,000 students in New York choosing to opt out, the 95 percent threshold will not only be in jeopardy, it will be an easily missed mark.

When asked what would happen in states with such a high opt out rate, whether they would have to force consequences upon schools, parents, and students, Duncan responded “We think most states will do that.”

He added, “If states don’t do that, then we have an obligation to step in.”

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton vs. Clinton

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Image: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a principled conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: " January 2013, ... the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, [took] over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain...

...Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton...

...As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock." --JO BECKER and MIKE McINTIRE