Friday, May 29, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Remember when the press would hound Bush to admit his mistakes?

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Remember when the press would hound Bush to admit his mistakes?: Erick Erickson
ICE Still Releasing Criminal Aliens at a Rapid Pace: Jessica Vaughan
Communists Right: Poverty Too Serious To Be left To Government: John Ransom

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Mostly Useless: MB


Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge?: Michelle Malkin
Union Threats and LowTactics Over Trade Deal ‘Not Appreciated’ By Democrats: LUR
The CDC is in bed with Big Pharma: Bob Livingston

Scandal Central

Justice as Collateral Damage: Bruce Thompson
Loretta Lynch has a Lois Lerner decision to make: Pete Kasperowicz
Complaint: Tea-Party-targeting DOJ attorneys now work for White House: Exam


MSM: Why, This Hillary Character Seems Evasive and Flawed: Guy Benson
Rubio Warns Mainstream Christianity is Being Labeled Hate Speech in America: DownTrend
WILD BILL FOR AMERICA: 21st Century Crusaders Urgently Needed Again To Defeat Islam: Shoebat

Mark Levin: ‘I Don’t Know How Hillary Hasn’t At Least Served Some Time In Prison’: DC
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Nicholas Kristof tries the Otter Defense on behalf of the Clintons.: Moe Lane
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China Warns that War is Inevitable: Daniel John Sobieski
SecDef Carter Talks Tough on China: AmInt
Corrupt Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal $10K a Month to Provide Intel on Libya: JWF

Filling the Vacuum in Syria: Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front, and Hezbollah: Yaakov Lappin
Egypt's Blockade of Gaza: Khaled Abu Toameh
Iranian Negotiator: We Reached Solution with P5+1 on Site Inspection, But Khamenei Rejected It: MEMRI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

John Nash's Game Theory and Greece: Mohamed A. El-Erian
Hubble in Pictures: Astronomers' Top Picks (Photos):
Australia confident Great Barrier Reef not 'in danger':


Sen. Bernie Sanders' 1972 Essay: Women 'Fantasize About Being Raped': MRC
Friday Photo Fun Match Game: TSG
What a Failed City Looks Like: Bob Owens

Image: Iran Arrests, Tortures Political Cartoonist - #freeatena
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QOTD: "Well, the guy who ran the table was the most conservative Republican nominated for president in modern American history. Maybe history period [Reagan]. That’s what we need to do ... I’m not happy with the [current GOP] candidates. There’s too damn many of them. But that said, I can’t control it, and neither can anybody else.”

But I do think we conservatives are going to have to rally behind one or two or three relatively quickly or the RINO’s are going to pick us off, as they did with McCain and Romney and hope to do with Jeb Bush, among others." --Mark Levin

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It Doesn't Get More American Than This

Dan from New York writes:

Some Americans know how to defend freedom of speech better than others. But be forewarned, the twisted sisters of legacy media want you to think it’s a bad thing., 2015/05/28

Armed Bikers Plan to Draw Cartoons of Mohammed Outside a Mosque in Arizona

An armed biker gang. Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. A mosque in Arizona. What could possibly go wrong?

We’ll find out Friday, when two organizers — Jon Ritzheimer and Flash Nelson — host what’s being billed as a peaceful demonstration outside the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. It’s the former site of worship for Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, who were killed after opening fire outside a May 3 contest featuring cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in suburban Dallas. Simpson had no direct link to the Islamic State but was sympathetic to its cause. Many Muslims consider depictions of Mohammed blasphemous.

Just like the cartoon contest outside Dallas, this event, scheduled for 6:15 p.m. Friday, appears to welcome controversy. In a Facebook invite, the planners urge attendees to take full advantage of their Second Amendment right to carry weapons. So far, 163 people have RSVP’d...

...[The organizer] Ritzheimer did not return a request for comment Thursday. He told localmedia in Arizona, “I’m a Marine, and I am far from politically correct.… I’m outspoken, and I’ve just had it.”

Either you believe in free political speech or you don't. And this is political speech we're talking about.

Larwyn's Linx: When They Come for The Smaller Groups

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When They Come for The Smaller Groups: Axe to the Root
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LA Unions Want an Exemption From Minimum Wage Law They Just Lobbied For: OTB
No Memorial Day For Inner-City Dead: Cal Thomas
Arizona border town 'like a war zone all the time,' protesting residents say: LAT

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit: Exam
Clinton Foundation finds itself drawn into FIFA soccer corruption scandal: Moe Lane
Cruz Threatens to Subpoena Treasury Officials to Testify About Obamacare Rules: Niels Lesniewski

Climate & Energy

Leaving the Church of Environmentalism: Alan Caruba
The Loch Ness Monster Of Energy Storage: SDA
Obama Claims ‘Dominion’ Over All U.S. Bodies of Water… Even Puddles: LibertyNews


Politico Smears Scott Walker With False Quote: Caleb Howe
Audio: The Ted Cruz 2016 rap anthem: Hot Air
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Journalists: Do Your Job: Joe Cunningham
Limbaugh: American Left and Militant Islam Have 'Formed an Accord' to Target Christianity: Jeff Poor
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No One Likes the Nuclear Iran Deal Except Obama and Iran: TIP
Five Taliban Swapped For Bergdahl Soon Free To Travel: S&L
Muslims on Egyptian TV Wonder If Obama Is Insane or on Drugs: Sara Noble

UJA-Federation Exposed: $6MM Sent to New Israel Fund Via Wholly-Owned Subsidiary: JCC Watch
China puts weapons on its new artificial islands: John Garnaut
China raises prospect of South China Sea air defence zone: Charles Clover

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Forget Pizza: In The Future, Drones May Deliver You: Richard Procter
Yes, you can get a ticket for using Apple Watch while driving: Buster Hein
Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface: Richard Lai


Kate Upton Chugging Beer Out Of A Bag And Pitching A Fit Over Her Towed Car: DC
If Alcohol Ads Were Honest: BuzzFeed
AP’s Matt Lee Makes State Dept’s Jen Psaki Look Even Dumber Than Usual: Stephen Kruiser

Image: Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: "Sen. Ted Cruz is warning he might seek to compel testimony from the Treasury Department about the Affordable Care Act... The Texas Republican presidential candidate, who has the gavel of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts, said his staff had been informed by the Obama administration that witnesses would not be available to testify about the rule-making process for providing subsidies under Obamacare because of ongoing litigation.

“For two main reasons, this excuse is entirely invalid,” Cruz wrote in a new letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew. “First, Congress retains its right to conduct oversight of the executive branch at all times, regardless of any perceptions of poor timing by, or inconvenience to, the executive branch. The Senate Judiciary Committee has obligations to ensure the proper functioning of the federal government at all times, and not just during windows of convenience for political officials. Second, your Department’s pending litigation justification is without basis, particularly given how you have provided at least one Department witness for the exact same topic during the pendency of other litigation over the last few years.”

In the letter, Cruz said if three tax policy officials at the Treasury Department are not made available on a voluntary basis, he may pursue other methods to get them to appear. The subcommittee had been planning to hold the hearing on June 4...

“If you do not opt to assist Congress and make all three individuals available voluntarily, I may have no choice but to pursue other options, including compulsory process, to make them available for testimony,” Cruz wrote in the missive to Lew. “Please note, in the event we are compelled to use compulsory process to ensure the attendance of these witnesses, the two-week courtesy notice prior to testimony is no longer applicable, and these individuals can be summoned for testimony at any time deemed convenient for the Committee.”" --Niels Lesniewski

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TWO CHARTS: "The stock market is as overvalued as it was in 1929, 2000, and 2007"

By Jim Quinn

“Things always become obvious after the fact”Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The S&P 500 currently stands at 2,126, fractionally below its all-time high. It is now 300% above the 2009 low and 34% above the 2008 and 2001 previous highs. Most people believe this is the new normal. They are comfortably numb in their ignorance of facts, reality, the truth, and the inevitability of a bleak future. When the herd is convinced progress and never ending gains are the norm, the apparent stability and normality always degenerates into instability and extreme anxiety. As many honest analysts have proven, with unequivocal facts and proven valuation measurements, the stock market is as overvalued as it was in 1929, 2000, and 2007.

EXCLUSIVE: The Day-by-Day Clinton Scandal Tracker

Just so you can keep 'em all straight. Summarized and sanitized for your protection!


Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit
Clinton Foundation finds itself drawn into FIFA soccer corruption scandal


Hillary never disclosed secret shell company funneling income to Bill


Did Clinton pay-to-play arrangement hand over port container operations to UAE?


Emails reveal Hillary cared so much about Benghazi she slept through intel briefing 4 days later
Stephanopoulos joined Bill Clinton on Pedophile Island
The 15 Benghazi emails you need to read


WELL DONE: Texas Outlaws Any Application of Radical Islamic Sharia Law Within its Borders

By Warner Todd Huston

Once again the nation looks to Texas for the way things ought to be. This time the Texas Legislature has passed a law permanently barring Muslims from trying to institute their own sharia-based savagery on their own communities in the Lone Star State. reports that the anti-sharia law was passed this week.

WOAI State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) doesn’t mention Islamic Koranic law, or ‘Sharia Law’ in her bill. She simply says it guarantees that no laws fro ‘foreign courts’ will be adopted by Texas civil court judges.

“It’s just to provide some belt and suspenders to make sure that, with judicial discretion, we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law,” Campbell said.

Muslim groups say the bill is a ‘solution looking for problem, and claim that the bill has its genesis in an anti Muslim demonstration on the steps of the Texas Capitol in January in which the proposal was cheered.

But these Muslim groups are lying.

Hillary Clinton, Lord of War

By Matthew Vadum

While presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was America’s top diplomat the Department of State that she oversaw approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments forked over millions of dollars to the now-embattled Clinton Foundation.

According to an International Business Times report by David Sirota and Andrew Perez, “at least seven foreign governments that received State Department clearance for American arms did donate to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary.” The article identified the seven nations as Algeria, Australia, Kuwait, Norway, Oman, Qatar, and Thailand.

Mainstream media’s surprisingly probing coverage of the unfolding Clinton Foundation donations-for-favors scandal suggests that reporters have turned on the Clintons in the age of Obama.

And the fact that the IBT piece was co-authored by Marxist author and radio talk show host David Sirota adds to the growing pile of evidence that some of the more ideologically pure progressives in the Democratic Party are ganging up on Mrs. Clinton in order to help as yet undeclared presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Sirota, a former press aide to various left-wing lawmakers such as then-Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a self-described socialist who just launched his own quixotic presidential campaign, isn’t exactly an objective observer. A longtime left-wing activist who hurls invective at conservatives and Republicans, Sirota has slobbered over Warren, calling the anti-capitalism crusader “one of the most promising political leaders in a generation.”

Meanwhile, the $165 billion figure, “derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) — represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.”

While Hillary Clinton headed the State Department the agency also gave its blessing to “$151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration.”

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Clinton, Lord of War

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Scandal Central

Sure, why not: Hillary never disclosed secret shell company that funnels income to Bill Clinton: Hot Air
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department: IBTimes
GOP Zeroes In On Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Over Email Controversy: Ela Dutt

Climate & Energy

The Green Behind California’s Greens: Steve Malanga
Former Senator Mary Landrieu is Washington’s newest oil lobbyist: ACC
Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat: Forbes


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A Genocide of Christians is Underway - and the West Sleeps: Giulio Meotti
'World encourages violence by condemning Israel constantly': Hayom
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Eurozone debt crisis: A Spanish wake-up call for Europe: Desmond Lachman
Now convoy of Russian tanks arrive by rail at border with Ukraine: Daily Mail
U.S. pushback against Muslim refugees ‘growing’: Leo Hohmann

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Stealth Missile Will Use EMPs To Cripple Enemy Electronics: Tyler Rogoway
Self-parking Volvo ploughs into journalists: Independent
World’s first robo chef unveiled at the CES in Shanghai: Raif Karerat


Michelle’s Advice To Graduates: Fraternize With the Enemy i.e. that’s us: MOTUS
Do You Realize Mad Max: Fury Road Is A Miracle?: Rob Bricken
Easy Math: iOTWreport

Image: Hillary Clinton, The Candidate Who Will Sell You Cheap Crap
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: "OK, it’s not just me, right? This looks bad on a basic level, yes? It is not ridiculous to be upset that the Secretary of State was taking millions of dollars from the countries that she was funneling billions of dollars’ worth of business – weapons business – to, correct? Because as the Hill did not particularly note – but the International Business Times (H/T: Hot Air) did – these weapons sales represent a significant increase (read: ‘doubling’) over arms sales as those made during a similar chronological point in the Bush administration. Simply put: the State Department turned on the arms spigot, and various foreign governments and companies started filling up the Clinton Foundation trough.

So what’s the point? The point, my friends, is that you may now tell your liberal friends and colleagues that Hillary Clinton, by the Left’s own rules, can be fairly called a bloody-handed Merchant of Death* who profited off of the American government’s lucrative arms business. Watching them process that should give you some amusement. Especially when you remind them that they’re voluntarily going to vote for a woman who made money from arming regimes that oppress and execute their own subjects.

*”Lady of War” is far too nice-sounding. I frankly wouldn’t trust her to run a paintball tournament, at this point." --Moe Lane